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Hopseidon "Scélérate" - Amber beer

Six pack  (returnable bottles 0,10 c/pc)

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White beer

IBU: 30,2 EBC: 6,8 Alc: 5,3 %

It's unique blend of aromatic hops and spices, brought out by raw cereals, gives a flowery and herbaceous fragrance to this unique white beer. Let it's freshness quench your thirst !

Amber beer

IBU: 33,2   Alc: 7,2 %   EBC: 28,2

The conforting sweetness of their malts, emphasised by citrus and ginger hints, will fill up your noze and mouth. Then, the Alsatian hops' refreshing bitterness will arise for your total enjoyment.


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Fiche produit Scélérate

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