Shipping & Returns

Delivery shall be made by any means of our choosing, unless expressly agreed otherwise in writing. Shipment of goods are done to the address supplied in the order form. The Seller shall bear the costs and risks relating to the goods until such time as they have been delivered to the address supplied by the Purchaser. Following that moment, the Purchaser assumes all the risks alone. In case the product is damaged upon delivery, the Purchaser must refuse to accept the parcel or accept it only if he/she writes a damage claim on the carrier's delivery receipt, that must be filled in together with the Purchaser and the carrier. Any complaint concerning the delivered goods must be notified to and reach the Seller within five (5) calendar days following the delivery date. Any complaint must be sent to our head office by recorded delivery letter to the following address: SRL Hopseidon - 70 Rue de Grady 4053 EMBOURG - BELGIQUE, must be accompanied by a copy of the purchase contract and the damage claim on the carrier's delivery receipt, as stated above. After that time, no apparent defects complaints shall be accepted.

In any way, the following circumstances relieve the Seller from it's obligations regarding deadlines :

1 - In the case of force majeure or exceptional circumstances (including among others: strikes, technical incidents, supplier's delay, out of stock items which are known by the purchaser at the time which the order was issued, shortage of labour beyond the reasonable control of the Seller) ;

2 - If the payment terms are not observed ;

3 - If changes are made by the Purchaser after the order was placed ;

4 - If the Purchaser fails to provide to the Seller the requested information in the mentioned delivery date.

Deliveries are done by postal mail or by us. In case of prior agreement between the Purchaser and the Seller, the goods may be claimed at our workshop to the agreed day and time.

Right of Withdrawal

In accordance with the law, Purchasers have the right to inform the seller of their wish to cancel the purchase, without justification or penalty, within fourteen (14) working days following the day of delivery (art. VI.47, § 1st, of the economic law code). Within that period, Purchasers have to inform the seller of their wish to cancel the purchase by sending an e-mail to the Seller's contact address ( stating, free of any ambiguitie, his decision to withdraw from the contract and return, within the fourteen calendar days following the sending of the wish to cancel the purchase to the seller, at the Purchaser own risk and expense, the delivered goods to the Seller's registered head-office (70 Rue de Grady 4053 EMBOURG - Belgique). The Goods must be returned in their original packaging, undamaged, and accompanied by all accessoriessent by and the original delivery note. The reterned goods cannot be unpacked, unsealed or used in any way. Incomplete, damaged or stained goods shall not be accepted or taken back. Within fourteen (14) days, following the acceptance by the Seller to return the goods, the Seller undertakes to reimburse the amounts paid by the Purchaser, with the exception of the shipping cost. Pursuant to Article VI.53, al. 1st, 3° to 5°, of the Belgian economic law code, right of renunciation cannot be forfeited by the Purchaser for current supply contracts of goods made to the Purchaser's specifications or clearly personalized; which are liable to deteriorate or expire rapidly; of sealed goods which cannot be returned on grounds of hygiene or public health, whose seal has already been opened by the Purchaser after delivery.