From Passion to Fruition

As a military member, I had the opportunity to retire from service at the age of 56. Brewing beer became my retirement project. Renaud, a long term friend, shared the same passion.

I didn't want to start this kind of adventure unprepared. So, I enrolled myself in a training course to become a "micro-brewery entrepreneur" given by the IFAPME in Villers-le-Bouillet (Belgium). I quickly enjoyed the course and I finally found a delightful and creative activity for the years to come.

As a good student, I began to craft and brew my recipies in my garage. Then, with Renaud's gustatory skills as a Zythologist (beer expert), we managed to perfect one of the recipies and so, the "Scélérate" was born.

The resulting beer has quickly found its mark and professionals urged us to begin selling our product . We thus started a company, including my sons' skills as translator and computer scientist. Both of them were very happy to be part of this new family business. On 3 Octobre 2019, the SRL Hopseïdon was born.

Following this first product, a second one was crafted and swiftly commercialised. A Belgian white beer with sage and cirtrus flavours, called the "Déferlante".

Our beers are currently brewed by "Grain d'orge", where I actively take part in the brewery and bottling processes. The next step for us will be to buy our own brewing installation. But we still need to raise more funds to achieve this goal.

Meanwhile, new product development is still on the way and three exclusive recipies are already finalised. We hope to hit the market with all of them in a near future.

Team Hopseidon

Thomas « Computer scientist - Renaud " Zythologist" - Raoul "Brewer" - Thibaud "Translator"

Did you know

Since Novembre 30, 2016, Belgian beer was included in the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity?

Belgium produces more than 1.500 types of beer renouwn aroud the world. There are more than 300 breweries still in activity. Dozens of beer expert's associations, also known as zythologists can be found throughout Belgium. Those passionate people demonstrate their skills by creating this beverage consiting mainly of water, barley, hops and yeasts.

It must be noted that Belgian people, as well as many foreigners, are more and more interested by craft, local, tasty and story-telling products . This need to consume local has been strengthened by the latest agri-food scandals.

It's in Embourg, Belgium, that Hopseidon came to mind, life and fruition. The "scélérate" and the "déferlante" are the result of multiple tries and tweaks made in the cellar Grady srteet, Belgium. Share our story, passion and be ready to enjoy an healthy, natural and local product.

The tale of Hopseidon

To quench the thirst of those craving for information or simply out of curiosity, I will recount the tale of Hopseidon.

Eons ago, far across the ocean, lived a little-known but friendly god. Dating back to Antiquity, the tale of Hopseïdon came to us, thanks to some courageous seamen, as storytellers roamed the world . As Poseidon and Dionysos' half brother, Hopseïdon inherited a hefty genetic burden. If Nature granted him with Poseidon's athletic body, she also afflicted him with all of Dyonisos' flaws, excesses and madness.Hopseidon lived an ostentious life of intoxication, feasts and debauchery. He would oftentimes rest on newly emerged lands to recover from the previous night’s activities.

One island in particular lured him in ever closer , remote from civilisation, smelling the distinctive scent of some charming vines. Hopseidon would come to that island and drink a refreshing brew of water, cereals and said vines. We will later learn that this godly medicine was just an infusion of "humulus lupulus", better known by common folk as hops.

The tale does not say if Hopseidon was really the god's name name or if it was only the blabbering of some sailor


....or if he was even real


If this tale, born in the extremely creative mind of a brewer, drew your attention and put a smile on your face, I am grateful and delighted.

On a more serious note, the name Hopseidon indeed comes from the combination of the words « Hops » and « Poseidon ».

But before becoming the god of hops, there is still a long way to go... Or is there?